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Democratic values.  Equality. Education. Clean Air. Reproductive Freedom. Affordable Housing. Labor Rights.
We Win.

Together We Win.


Howe'll lead.

A new generation of leaders

It’s time for a new generation of leaders who listen, are honest and who can solve problems and deliver results. This campaign is not about me, it’s about WE. As your Representative, I will amplify your voice and to be the most accessible legislator that you have ever met. We will work together to build the future because TOGETHER, WE WIN!

Jeff Howell

Meet Jeff Howell.

Challenging and disrupting the status quo

I’m a husband, father, tech leader, community advocate, coalition builder and champion of education. I was born in Utah and live in House District 23 with my wife and best friend, Caitlin, and our three boys who attend public school in the District. With a unique and unorthodox background in both the private and public sector, I have a successful track record of solving problems and delivering results. In order to be successful we have to embrace innovation by challenging and disrupting the status quo. If we want to be great, we have to innovate.

Howe'll Win.

Promote solution-based policies to remove barriers to opportunity

We will work together to build equitable policy for the future of our community. We know that when every individual has access to opportunity, communities flourish. I understand effective policy making and how to bring people together with diverse skill sets, backgrounds and experiences in order to solve problems and deliver results.

Better Classrooms
Protecting our future starts with our kids in the classroom. Teachers are our heroes. Education is Jeff’s number one priority, he has a deep passion and a successful track record of being a champion for students, teachers, and parents. Jeff hopes to leave a legacy of championing education. We must increase our investment in our public education system. This includes allocating more funds to our children, classrooms, and teachers.
The Great Salt Lake & Clean Air
Everyone deserves to breathe clean air, both outside and inside, and poor air quality is an existential threat. We need to build consensus as a state and set a goal for reducing emissions, then reach that goal by reducing emissions from the vehicle fleet, from new buildings, and from industrial sources.
Affordable Housing
Empowering Opportunities
Home prices and rents continue to rise, pricing hard working citizens out of the American Dream. Utah is one of the fastest growing states in the country. When it comes to the fastest growing states in terms of population, Utah leads the pack. Jeff is driven to create opportunities for home buyers and renters including down payment assistance loans, rent assistance, and other programs that will create secure and long lasting places to live for Utah residents.
It’s Not Just An Issue Downtown
Jeff served on the Board of Directors of The Inn Between and has been involved with the Pioneer Park and Capitol City Coalition for several years. Treating unsheltered individuals with compassion is important to Jeff, and he recognizes that mental health is often the chronic root of homelessness. While living wages, housing market issues and other factors are also to blame, addiction and mental illness are said to be the main culprits of this escalating situation.
Three easy ways WE vote Howell.
Vote by Mail

Vote between 6/4/2024 and 6/24/2024 with a mail-in ballot.

Vote Early

Vote in person between 6/11-14/2024 or 6/18-21/2024.

Election Day

Vote in person on election day 6/25/2024.