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Meet Jeff Howell

This campaign is not about me, it’s about WE — WE as a community, WE as a district, WE as a people that want to see real change. The most exciting part of this campaign will be meeting each of you at your doorstep! I want to hear from you, I want to learn from you, and I want to represent your values.

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Jeff Howell
Advocate for Future Generations.

As a dedicated parent raising three young sons with my working wife and best friend, Caitlin, I care deeply about the future of Utah. I spend time at Bonneville Elementary volunteering both in the classroom and as a member of the school’s Service Committee, helping to provide more opportunities for all kids in the community. I’m also an avid sports fan and help coach my sons’ soccer and basketball teams.

Relevant Experience.

The diverse skill-set we need to be effective

Serve as a trusted advisor partnering with education institutions, government organizations and non for profits on how to implement digital technologies in order to solve problems and deliver results.  

Board of Directors. Empowering a new generation of civically engaged leaders.

Board of Directors. Front and center amplifying the needs of homelessness.

Understands effective policy-making and the legislative process. Worked as a Congressional staffer on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

Operations & Finance Director – Amplifying the voices of a deeply diverse community.

Effectively listening and communicating with constituents.

As a member of the Bonneville Elementary Service Committee, I have a classroom-level understanding of the needs of students & teachers.

challenging the status quo.

"In order to be great we need to innovate"

I work in the tech industry advising and consulting Executives from education institutions, government organizations and nonprofits helping to solve problems and deliver results by understanding their long term goals and current challenges. In order to be successful you have to embrace innovation by challenging and disrupting the status quo. These are large, sophisticated and complicated projects that require a large number of people. As a tech leader I’ve come to understand the power and importance of working effectively as a team by uniting people with diverse skill sets, experiences and backgrounds in order to solve problems and deliver results. 

Howell Campaign
Howell Campaign

Community Connection.

Leadership & CIvic engagement are Engrained in my DNA

I’m driven by a personal connection. I’ve met people from over 120 different countries and have lived in over 20 cities across the globe. Those experiences have grounded me in my passion to meet people where they are and positively impact their world.

From a young age, civic engagement and leadership were instilled in my life as my great grandfather was elected sheriff in Emery County Utah and my father, Scott Howell, served in the Utah State Legislature as the Senate Minority leader in the 90’s. I remember clearly how my dad would return home after exhausting days on Capitol Hill, sharing his sense of achievement in areas like education, community, healthcare, and the environment. His constant reminder was that we had a responsibility to contribute to society. He instilled in our family a belief in serving humanity and respecting people of all ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds.

I treasure the time I spend with my best friend and wife, Caitlin, and our three sons, Jett, Leo, and Ace. Our family’s focus is to look outward and serve constantly. In my free time you can find me cycling Emigration Canyon, coaching my son’s sports teams, or hosting get-togethers with neighbors turned into best friends.